2wks post partum

Hi everyone,  Sorry for not updating sooner, I’ve not been able to find the energy and words to write.  I’ve had people personally ask me how I was doing.  Some was in person, some on different fb/surro groups I’m on and I really appreciate you asking and caring.  I feel very uninspired to write and trying to do my best.  There is some things I may say that may offend some of  you, it’s not my intention, but at the same time this is my blog and a place that I can express my self.  Please don’t comment anything that is hateful.  

I stopped all meds at 6 days pp (post partum).  I had been only taking my powerful narcotic at night for the last two nights b/f this point, but taking the 600mg Advil 2 pills every 6hrs.  When I woke up on Monday morning at 6.5 days pp I felt that I didn’t need it.  As the day went on I felt fine and going to bed I didn’t need my powerful pill either (I can’t remember the name and don’t want to get up and go check…yes I’m being lazy, but I don’t want to over do it).  I relax most of the day and go out for about 2-3hrs each day to stay moving around, but walk slow and I’m careful getting in and out of the car.  It’s hard for me to bend over and I need to remember to stoop.  When I drop something I want to pick it up, but remind myself to let someone else do it.  If you see me out, you would think nothing is wrong b/c I am put together (dressed w/ make-up) and I’m walking slow just to be in your way, but my recover is still difficult, my incision has been painful this week and I’m still recovering from major surgery.  I have good days and rough days.  Dinners have been difficult over the last 2wks for us.  Obviously I don’t have the energy to go grocery shopping & come home and fix meals.  I haven’t even had the energy to plan meals. My husband has been busy too with his busy season of lawn care starting up, taking care of the kids with running them to & from school along with helping out with after school activities that they are involved in. We were very fortunate to receive from my neighbor a meal the day that I arrived home. I couldn’t eat the meal b/c it was pasta, but my husband and kids were feed. My husband made me something that night. My husbands business partner and his wife didn’t have time to make us a meal and wanted to do something for us so they ordered pizza for us and had it delivered (I needed gluten free pizza and thank goodness that’s available now to be delivered).  We were very appreciative for their kindness.  I mentioned this on fb 2 days after getting home in hopes that others would help out. That post backfired! I received 35 likes, but not 1 single person offer to help out with making a meal, having something delivered or giving a restaurant gift card so we can go out to eat. I know that I have lots of foods that I can’t eat, but I even said that as long as the kids and husband were taken care of it would help out. I even asked on Sat. (4.5 days pp) one of the pastors at my church for meals since I delivered earlier than expected and didn’t plan for it. My request was passed off to another couple in the church and it’s been over a week and we’ve heard nothing. 😦 We’ve eaten out way to much b/c of this. I really hate to ask for help from others and this just reminds me why I don’t.
 I nap when I feel tired in between pumping ever 3 hrs during the day and at night so I can rest I streach it to 4-4.5hrs.  I let my full breast wake me up…lol…. I’ve been taking lots of milk to the hospital every other day for the girls. The NICU nurses still can’t believe how much milk I produce. I’m up to 50+ ounces per day. I planned on selling my milk like last time, but had told my IM that I’d do it for free while the girls were in the NICU. I wanted to give them a great start in life. I will have to wait till they are out of the NICU to sell my milk. It will go to preemie babies milk bank. The fee given is compensate my time in doing it. The recipients don’t have to pay for the milk which is very nice.

Here’s a picture of my incision 24hrs after surgery (my nurse was kind enough to take a pic b/c I wanted to see it and I had to much belly flab to see it myself).

incision 24hrs after surgery

24hrs after surgery


Here’s a pic today 14.5days after surgery (I still have to lift up my belly flab to see…lol)


incision 14.5 days after surgery

incision 14.5 days after surgery

I’m hoping this will heal more and not be as noticeable. I see that I also need to tan my belly….WoW! it’s really white…lol
When I arrived home b/c of the surgery I couldn’t stretch and climb into bed for a little over a week. We went looking for a step stool and they were all for children only. So my husband being a creative genius came up with this idea.
It was just the right height and worked really well.

I’m sure that you are interested in how the babies are doing. Well…. My IPs have asked me not to put up any photos or info about the girls for now. I can only hope that I will be able to update you with info and pics at later date. I hope to be able to hold them at some point too and get a picture with them. I need to respect their privacy and what they’ve asked. I can only tell you that they are doing good and growing.

On a positive note….I do plan on during another surrogacy, though I will wait till the fall to look for IPs then transfer can’t be any sooner than 1 yr from delivery. Since I’m getting older, I need to move more quickly than I have in the past. Also, on March 6th the last surro baby I delivered will be 4yrs old. I haven’t seen him in person since a few wks before he turned 3yrs old. I look forward to seeing him soon. I can’t believe it’s been 4yrs…Time flies!
Well, it’s time to pump and I have to figure out something for dinner. My husband and kids will be home from the golf game and it’s freezing outside today. I know they will be hungry.
Everyone have a wonderfully Blessed week. As always I appreciate my readers and their comments. 🙂


9 thoughts on “2wks post partum

  1. I would love to send a meal! I am very familiar with gluten free! Please email me privately if you want so I can find out how to get a meal to you and your family! I did no think of it at first because I assumed you would be over run with food! I’m glad you are healing and hope you keep getting better! -Erica

  2. Your incision is healing beautifully! I’m sorry that you don’t feel that you’re getting the support you need. It sounds like you’re doing a great job of healing and taking care of yourself and doing so well producing milk for the babies. I hope that you continue to stay strong and that it starts getting easier for you & your family.

  3. Your incision is healing very well, I’m glad to hear that you had someone else help pick something up for you. I’m sorry you don’t get more help with the important things like meals. My neighbor complained of that also when she had her son, I was the only one to bring her a meal. People need to remember that, those things are very important. Your doing wonderful and I’m glad to hear your up for another surrogacy. I also plan on doing one more surrogacy after these twins are born. It’s nice to hear the triplets are doing well and I respect the parents for wanting privacy. Your doing wonderful, God bless!

  4. Your incision site looks really good! I’m sorry people are not helping, my sister went through that and it was very upsetting, c-sections are painful from what my sister says, f/b me your address. I think you are doing an amazing job, pumping and all that milk!!! Don’t over do it, get well and get some rest. 🙂

  5. If I were nearby I’d be bringing you a meal, dear friend!. I have thought about you a lot, and prayed for you. Sounds like the pumping is going well. I’m sure you are exhausted! We love to hear how the babies are doing, too, but understand the privacy issue. Bless you and get some rest.

  6. Congrats on the delivery again I am sorry that you don’t have the support you need. If I were closer to you I would help out. You are pumping very well and I understand and respect IP’ s wishes. Continue to heal

  7. I appreciate your honesty in your post. Praying for healing of your body, mind and soul. You did a wonderful thing as long as you could. I applaud you for that.

  8. Bless you for your pumping what a wonderful gift for those little precious babies. So sorry you arent receiving more support. Keep taking care of yourself and resting!

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