25-26 wk update with triplets

Hi everyone, sorry for the long delay.  The end of the month is very busy for me at work and then I’ve just not had the time these last few days to update.  As of today I’m 26w6d.  I have an OB apt. tomorrow (with glucose test) and will just put that update for next time.  

I keep getting asked, very often (I think b/c people are so interested and/or they don’t know what else to say to me). So how are you feeling?  I answer with the same answer all the time….Feeling Great!  Which I do. I think some people don’t believe me, but it’s the truth.  I don’t feel any different carrying 3 than carrying 1 baby.  I  know that I’m doing a great job and pray that I continue to do a great job and not have these babies early.  I know I feel so good b/c of the 1-2 times a week of Chiropractor care, foods that I eat, amazing vitamins that I take, supplements that I take.  It all makes a difference.  I’ve never been the gal that eat what she wants just b/c she is pregnant.  I don’t personally understand that mentality as you are growing humans and they need the best nutrition possible not junk.  I take better care of my body when pregnant and take it very seriously as I have a set of parents expecting a healthy baby….in my case 3 healthy babies! 

At my last OB apt I was 24w6d

I had no weight gain actually lost 1/2lb…weird!

My BP was 100/79

My belly measured 32cm (running 7wks ahead)

My OB was not concerned with my recent visit to the hospital.  As I had no issues and sent me back to work.  He did tell me not to hesitate at any time I feel like somethings off to go in.  After receiving the bill this week (b/f ins has touched it), It was 2k….of course they would say that…lol…

My OB did tell me that all the Dr.’s talked about me and delivering these girls vaginally and none of the Dr’s want to take it on.  So that leaves me with a C-section, which I don’t want unless isn’t necessary.  With me not being happy and knowing that can’t be the final answer I turned to my Doula and she did some digging and found out that that we need to try teaching hospitals in the area/state as they may me interested.  So being such a wonderful person and helping me to fight for this she sent out 80 emails to 3 different teaching hospitals.  We didn’t receive any responses from the hospital close to me, but 2 further away did respond positively, 1 is an hr away (ranked 2nd in the state) and the other 2.5hrs away (ranked 3rd in the state).  At first I was leaning to the hospital further away as the head of the OB/MFM dept was one to respond and I thought that was a better option. I called her assistant and she had the Dr. email me and then I emailed her back answering her questions.  

I had been waiting 2 days for a response back then I talked to my MFM Dr. at my appointment (I was 26w 1d)  and he knew the Dr. by name and after he did my scan he called her and they talked about 10min and he got off the phone and said that they will do the vaginal delivery, though I have to make an apt. and they have to go over all the risk with me and the IPs.  I also told my MFM Dr. the name of the other Dr. that responded.  Not much more was said.

Yesterday my MFM called me and said that he talked to the Dr. at the closer hospital and she is willing to do a vaginal delivery too and my MFM said that hospital is a great option and that it’s closer is a good thing.  I’m not waiting on her to email me so I can figure out the process of scheduling an apt.  I’m sure that info will be in my next update.

Stats at my MFM apt at 26w1d

Baby A measures 26w2d, weighs 2lbs 1oz, 125 hp and HEAD DOWN…Thanks to my chiropractor doing some work to help her move.

Baby B measures 25w6d, weighs 1lb 14oz, 138hp and head down

Baby C measures 24w3d, weighs 1lb 7oz, 132hp and head up

My Cervix was 2.4cm measured transvaginally (down from 2.7cm 2wks prior).  

MFM was ok with it. Told me to lay on my left side as much as I can and to get off my feet every 2hrs. He wasn’t too concerned with Baby C being smaller as they are showing no signs of TTTS and their fluid levels are great.  I was told it must me her umbilical cord attachment.

I called my Doula with the great news after my apt. about the 2.5hr away teaching hospital and told her everything else.  She later sent me a PM through fb and found a static in medical journals that measured cervix on triplet women and delivery times.  She found that when the cervix was measured at 26w and it was 2.5cm or less their was a 90% chance of delivery at 33wks or less.  A measurement of above 2.5cm at 26wks had a  30% occurrence of delivery at 33wks or less and a 70% chance of going past 33wks.  I don’t want to deliver early at all and want to go as long as possible to have healthy babies for my IPs.  My MFM said nothing past 36wks….I know I will be very uncomfortable, but it will be for a short period of time and it’s all for a great cause. I want these babies to have less NICU time.

Funny story….I was at the store buying a few things and a younger girl (you can tell she’d never had kids) asked how far along I was.  I responded “26wks”.  She said “oh”.  Nothing else. I then went to stand in line and an older lady (more grandmother type) looked at me and you could tell she wanted to say something…..she waited then said “I guess you’re about done”.  I responded “no, trying to hold them in for another 10wks”.  Her eyes bugged out (Do I really look that big…lol) and said “twins”?  I said “no, triplets!”.  She kind of freaked out, then it was her turn to move up and cash out and she looked at the check out lady and said “she’s carrying triplets!”.  The lady looked at me and didn’t say anything…lol….  

Your baby at 26 weeks
Her eyes are forming, and his eyes will soon start to open.
And her eyelashes are now grown, too.
She’s getting her immune system ready for life on the outside by soaking up your antibodies.
She’s taking breaths, too. They’re of amniotic fluid, not air, but it’s still good practice.

She is the size of a head of lettuce!
She’s still growing in the 13.6- to 14.8-inch and 1.5- to 2.5-pound range, and developing her senses, features and talents!

We took our kids to the circus last week and these girls were very active the entire time. I think they like music 🙂

My belly has been getting itchy at the top. I know it’s expanding. I’ve heard that Vitamin E capsules were the best for it (open them up and rub the oil on your belly), but wondered if anyone had any other options for me.

As always I look forward to the the comments that are posted and people ‘liking’ my post. Feel free to share my blog with others. I am very excited about how many people around the world are reading my blog. I hope that my blog helps others & is a point of interest. I know this story is still being written, but it’s been amazing thus far.
Enjoy the belly pics and u/s pics below.

25wks with triplets

25wks with triplets

26wks with triplets

26wks with triplets

Baby A's head with her arm covering her face and Baby C's foot pushing on her face.

Baby A’s head with her arm covering her face and Baby C’s foot pushing on her face.

Baby B profile

Baby B profile

Baby C's head with her arm going across her face shielding from some body part from Baby B.

Baby C’s head with her arm going across her face shielding from some body part from Baby B.


8 thoughts on “25-26 wk update with triplets

  1. Looking gorgeous! Great to read that you are feeling well.
    I LOVED seeing my chiro when I was pregnant with the twins. She turned them from footling breech (presenting twin a) and transverse to both cephalic. She also got rid of all my aches and niggles.

  2. Way to research and go for what you want! Im glad it sounds like your IPs are on board with a vaginal birth (or at least trying for one)….thats awesome! Follow my blog if you want! 🙂 surromum.blogspot.com

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