Quick update…. Kind of!

It’s been almost a week since I’ve updated and another surro friend says that she’s checking everyday for an update….lol  So I thought I would do that and then get right to sleep as I need to get up semi early for work.  Looking forward to it as it’s my last day until Oct. 8th.  I’m taking vacation time to relax. Yeah!!  I was told that I can’t roll it over till next year so I had to use it and I felt this was a good time.  Welcome to my new readers/followers. So glad you have joined me. 😉

Today is my 15yr wedding anniversary. Below is a pic of us 4yrs ago when I was 16wks prego with my 2nd surrogacy. It was fun to take!

So, today I’m 8wks 5days and still feeling awesome.  I’ve had other surro friends who are just as far along as I am having lots of Morning Sickness, which I feel awful about.  This is my 6th pregnancy and I’ve never experienced M/S.  I’ll get a very tiny upset tummy once in a while, but that’s it.  I usually do pregnancy very well.  I’m hoping that I will do a great job carrying these 3 babies and grow them very healthy so they have less of a NICU time and there parents can enjoy them sooner.

I was sharing with my 1st IM about this pregnancy over private message last week and it’s been a while since I’ve seen see her son that I carried for her and her husband so since I’m on vacation this week and my husband is going on a fishing trip she invited me up.  I’m super happy to see all of them and her son who will be 7 in a few weeks.  It’s so nice to still connect with the former families that you’ve been able to help.  They are super sweet and my kids and I look forward to spending time with them.  I’ll share a few pics when I get back.

Oh, my 1st OB appt is this Fri. Oct. 4th.  My IM is coming over for it as the 1st one with multiples is important.  Not really sure when I will get sent to the high risk Dr., but I’m sure it will happen.  Especially since I’m advanced maternal age….lol…lol….I’m 36!  Well whatever it takes to bring healthy babies here.  I’m thinking they will give me an U/S to check on everything especially since my RE said that I need to be monitored closely in the beginning.  I still haven’t had my progesterone and estrogen levels checked and was told by my NC (nurse coordinator) that I wouldn’t until I was 10wks.  I just thought that since there are 3 in there they would have checked it early, but she said that I’m already taking the max dosage of 2ml so that’s why.

Well, gotta get to bed, but I will update after my OB appt.  Have a great week!!

Anniversary picture

Anniversary picture


2nd U/S went great!!

I only have a few minutes because I just got to work, but all 3 babies are still there and growing right on track.  I was a little off in my description of baby A,B &C.  Baby is is the singleton (duh…makes sense) and Baby B is the bigger of the twins and Baby C is the smaller of the twins.  I was released to go to my OB and the High Risk Dr.

So the stats are below and pics.

Baby A-Single 7wk2d, HB 154

Baby B- Big Twin 8w0d, HB 153

Baby C-Other Twin 7wk2d, HB 144

Twins appear to have their own sac…yeah.  RE said we have Dichorionic Triammiotic Babies.  I think that’s how it’s spelled.

All 3 in the 1st pic and twins in 2nd pic.



Welcome to my readers!

Welcome to my surrogacy journey.  If you are a friend of mine you get an early preview b/c hardly anyone knows that I’m prego let alone with Triplets.  I plan on trying to keep everything quiet till I’m at least 12wks, which is another almost 4 wks.  We’ll have to see how fast I pop out…lol…

I also wanted to say Thank You to my readers that have read my blog today.  I’ve had over 70 people read today since I put it up on my fb groups, message boards and messaged friends, though I’ve only had a few subscribe.  Please subscribe to my blog to receive an email whenever I update.  There are a bit more updates here in the beginning b/c I’ve been trying to catch up to present day.  It will slow down now.

I’m not very good at navigating this blog site, so if anyone has any ideas or helpful hints please give them to me.  I could use them…lol…

I am super excited for my U/S tomorrow to see how everything is growing and hopefully get some great pics to share.

1st Belly Pic 7wks 1day

I know I’m not suppose to have a belly, but I kindof do. Wether you call it fat, leftover from my previous 5 pregnancies (3 my own & 2 Surro babies) it’s still something. I stopped eating gluten for about 10 months and then started eating it out of convenience with working so much. I believe that I have a sensitivity to gluten & it makes me fat along with the progesterone, well it actually makes you hungry which leads to you eating more which makes you fat…lol.

Since starting meds in July & the change in my eating habits I’ve gained 8pds. Now I  was in a slightly snug size 10 jeans & had to move up to a 12. Now I have a belly roll that I just hate… Well maybe there’s two rolls there… Lol

Y’all surros always say you need a baseline. So here it is. PS… I had to retire these pants after work… They were just to tight.


U/S day….I wonder what we will find…

Well, It was a longer drive into the city this am as there was so much traffic everywhere.  It’s a good thing that I left a little bit early.  I’m meeting IM at the clinic that I do my monitoring at.  Our apt is at 9:15 and we were called right back at 9am…Glad we were a bit early….

I love the Nurse that I was working with this am.  She’s so sweet!  So she ushers us into the room and I get undressed from the waist down (I spent extra time in the shower this am shaving for the Dr….lol…) while IM waited for me.  Then she came in and we chatted for a minute and then the Dr. came in and we got started right away.  Immediately we saw 2 sac’s, but nothing appeared to be in them….Then the nurse exclaimed “IT’S TWINS!” IM and I couldn’t believe it, then as the Dr was looking at one of the sacs, the nurse couldn’t help herself and exclaimed “Oh, there’s 3!”  WHAT???  3….how can that be?  The Dr. was very quiet while he checked on everything.

He was serious…. There were 3 babies there and 3 heartbeats.  We have twins in one sac.  Baby A HB was 123 and measured on tract at 6wk 6days.  Baby B’s HB was 111 and he was very difficult to measure.  I think he said 5wks 3days, but not sure. Baby C is in it’s own sac and HB was 111 also.  I think the measurements was 6wks 3 days…Don’t hold me to that…

I still can’t  believe that I’ve had no symptoms and I’ve got 3 little beans growing in me….  I never thought this couldn’t happen to me.  We put 2 embies back and 1 of them spilt….Rare, but it can happen.  IM had her last transfer of 1 embie split also, but she miscarried.  She was told that it’s highly unlikely that they have 2 splinters in the same batch of embryos.   So not to mention we had a rare case of a embie splitting, she also had it happen twice.

Carrying triplets will be very difficult and we have already had the discussion prior to contracts that what ever I got prego with I would carry and they would raise.  We both feel strongly about this.  I’m going to do my best job at this.  I’m hoping to carry them to at least 36wks… With what I’ve been reading it’s very possible.  Even if I can get to 34wks, that would be great.

IM did some research and it said that triplets found early like be did there is a 40% chance that 1 can absorb.  We don’t want anything bad to happen, but realize that it can happen and are prepared if it does.

Next U/S on Tues. Sept. 24th at 9:15am.  I’ll be 7wks 6days.

All 3 babies, but hard to see

All 3 babies, but hard to see

Twins, Baby B on right Baby C on left

Twins, Baby B on right
Baby C on left

IM & Me

IM & Me

IM happy that she's going to be a mom.

IM happy that she’s going to be a mom.


Trying to convience myselft that I’m prego.

Well, I tried not to think about it all weekend, but I just don’t want to disappoint my IM if nothing is on the screen.  I don’t want her to drive so far for nothing.  So I went and bought another HPT test and took it.  Well the Positive line showed up b/f the control line could even show up….So I’m guess that I’m prego…lol… I need to stop stressing over this…

I can’t wait till tomorrow morning…


Not feeling very pregnant….

I know that I had great beta numbers and they are bordering on the twin range, but I always thought that if I would have more than 1 baby cooking I would get M/S (morning sickness), but I’ve really not had anything to speak of…. I’ve had very, very mild nausea.

With not having anything to prove that I’m pregnant in the 12 days until my U/S it kind of makes me wonder if something happened.  I really don’t want to disappoint my IPs.  My IM is driving 6hrs to come to the U/S with me (IF had to stay and work).  I’m so afraid that we aren’t going to see anything on the screen.  Anytime I’ve had a positive beta (hcg test) I’ve delivered a baby….What am I worried about? The stress that us surrogates put ourselves through.

Great words from my friend Didi, “Girl, you’re pregnant….stop stressing!”