1st HPT results…

Yes, I waited till was 10dp 5dt (days post, days transferred) which is 15days past ovulation. Which was only 1 day b/f i had my beta. IPs have had so much heart break they said if I tested they didn’t want to know, but it was ok if I did.

So… This is what I got!


Yeah!!! I’m so happy to see this & now I know that I’m prego it’s just about the numbers tomorrow.


Transfer Day!

Below is a pic of IPs , R & S (Intended Parents) & myself on Mon. Aug. 19th. It was great having both IPs there for the transfer.


It  was a great experience at the Fertility Center. The RE that transferred was very interactive and involved everyone. R & S were at my head watching the screen as the Dr. Put 2-5 day embies back, 1-grade A & 1-grade B  (they were frozen).


IPs took me back to their house and got me settled and IF ran out to get Panera for us and a sticky bun for me. You have to have something sticky afterwards…lol  I rested up for the rest of Mon & most of Tues. then IM took me to the airport and we prayed for the best.